OK, I have to put up two videos tonight because I like this one even more than the first one I watched.  I don’t know who these guys are but they’re rippin’ some seriously sick powder.  I like the crazy jumps and the energy conveyed throughout this short clip.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like “Give’r Crew” but know I’m going to looking for more from these guys.  Too fun!

Skiing Revelstoke 2012 – February Edit – GIVE’R CREW! from give’r crew on Vimeo.

The Powder Highway BC

I went looking for some video from Whitewater and stumbled across this next video on Vimeo.  I generally don’t like helmet cam video but that’s mainly because they usually overdo it with endless helmet cam shots.  This one had a nice mix of stick cam, helmet cam, some still shots and a few panoramas.  I hope you enjoy it!  These guys lucked out with some great weather.


BC Ski Trip 2012- Hunting Powder from Christophe on Vimeo.

The Boys In Fernie

Before you accuse me of being too Fernie-centric…  I did spend a lot of time looking for a video from Big Mountain.  The powder was amazing when I was at BM last weekend but like a big dummy I forgot to pack my video camera.  I was hoping someone had captured some of that epic-ness but so far I’ve come up empty.

But as usual, there was plenty of “vid” from Fernie.  I picked this one because it remineded me of the trips out west I used to do with my buds from Ottawa.  The footage captures the fun and gives you a pretty good feel for the crazy amount of snow that fell in the region.  It was a weekend to remember.

Experience Kootenay Spirit

This morning I discovered Kootenay Mountain Culture magazine after picking up a copy at Ski West in Calgary.  I spent about an hour flipping through the issue and was impressed enough to check out the web site.  This in turn led to me checking out the blog “Powder in the Koots”.  It blows me away how much undiscovered talent exists out there.   Powder In The Koots has some really interesting posts and I highly recommend checking out this site.  I was drawn to this video by Julia’s beautiful introduction and found that I agreed with her assessment that it captured a raw spirit of fun and adventure.  By the way, I’m now a big fan of Kootenay Mountain Culture!


I haven’t added a new video for a few weeks now – partly because the Fernie powder was so awesome!!! – and partly because I’ve been too busy lately to spend time searching for a cool video.  Some nights I can watch a dozen clips and finally give up because nothing grabs me.  But tonight I was lucky enough to hit something after a couple tries.  I think it was the spanish guy at the beginning that drew me in.  But it was the outstanding cinematography that hooked me.  The movie by independent film maker Sweetgrass productions features Las Lenas, Argentina; Portillo, Chile; Nevados de Chillan, Chile; Patagonia, Chile; Bariloche, Argentina; Caviahue, Argentina; Huaraz, Peru; Iquitos, Peru; Uyuni, Bolivia; and Sajama, Bolivia.  I’m afraid I have a soft spot for South America.  After watching the trailer I went to the sweetgrass web site and bought the DVD.  I haven’t bought a ski movie since Bill Heath’s “Sinners” and that was what… 10 years ago?  Needless to say I was impressed and I hope you like it too.

That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

This is the kind of video that I dream about.  It’s recent (Jan 17th), it’s local (Fernie), it’s not a clip from a well funded film producer (at least not yet), and it’s AWESOME!!!!  Fernie was reporting 111cms in 48hrs yesterday and what you have here is some evidence of how epic all that snow mixed with cold temperatures can be.  I’ve never seen so many crazy face shots.  You’re gonna love this!!!

Great Vids from Across The Pond

I was only planning to post one video today but I was torn between two from Europe’s Great White North.   The first one is shot in Russia (well I can’t read Russian but I assume it’s in Russia).  There’s some great scenery and a good mix of wide angle “wow” footage and in close powder slow mo.  What I really enjoyed were the crash sequences in the middle of the clip. You can find more from the Action Brothers on Vimeo or check out their Myspace page

Николай Пиотровский – профайл 2011 from Action Brothers on Vimeo.

I watched a number of Chaoz Production’s videos including Broken Record and fell in love with Norwegian skiing.  I was absolutely blown away by the coastal mountains.  Check out WhiteBlue Adventure  – wouldn’t that be the coolest vacation?  Anyway, the following is a short clip from Broken Record that is really fun to watch.  If you have time I recommend watching the whole movie available on Vimeo.  I think you’ll be booking your next ski vacation in Norway.

Narvikfjellet from Chaoz Productions on Vimeo.

Kootenay Street Segment

If you haven’t seen this video then you’re in for a treat.  I know… it’s pretty far from powder skiing.  But for uniqueness and cool factor it’s one of the best videos I’ve ever seen.  All.I.Can’s Kootenay Street segment features the incomparable JP Auclair and is shot by Sherpa Cinema’s Dave Mossop in Trail, Rossland, and Nelson.  My buddy Dave Jack get’s kudo’s for putting me onto this one.  He’s a former Kootenay resident and must have found this piece particularly nostalgic – or maybe not :0)

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

Powder Day at Kicking Horse

Once again I’m shamelessly promoting my own amateur video :0)  I hope you enjoy it.  At the very least it gives you a pretty decent idea of how good conditions will be on opening day at Kicking Horse on Friday.

Send me a link if you have a vid that you’d like to put on display.  Our panel of judges will review it to determine if it lives up to PW’s high standards.  Joking…

Powder King Indeed

Well I have to admit to being overly Calgary-centric at times.  The lack of snow in our neck of the woods had me thinking that there isn’t any great early season skiing this year.  But wait… Whistler is opening Firday (Nov 18th) a week ahead of schedule, Revelstoke has announced a sneak peak weekend with a phenomenal base approaching 100cm, and now Ryan sends me these sweet videos from Powder King last weekend (Nov 11th & 12th).  Enjoy!  I like the first one better but the tunes cook in the second one.  Go Powder King!!


It's Snow Time!