Valhalla from Sweetgrass Productions

In Norse mythology those who die in combat travel to a great hall known as Valhalla.  It brings to mind images of Thor and very cold places packed with the souls of the dead.  I’m really not sure what that has to do with skiing but I did like the trailer for their new film due out in the new year.  I became a big fan of Sweetgrass after purchasing their Solitaire DVD last year.  Check out this psychedelic clip – now I know why it’s called, “Sweetgrass” productions.

VALHALLA: A New Film From Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

Japan – A Skier’s Journey – Episode 1

This video is both visually beautiful and emotionally soothing. I was hooked after the first ski sequence where they ripped up the powder while night skiing.  Very innovative and very cool!  Watch it in full screen mode and you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve been watching ski videos from Hokkaido, Japan, for a year or two now but after this one I’ve decided that backcountry skiing Hokkaido has to be on my bucket list. The video follows Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots from the streets of Tokyo to the sacred glades of Hokkaido. The result is my favourite Hokkaido video to date. I think I’m going to be watching for future episodes from Jordan Manley.

Japan: A Skier’s Journey EP1 S3 from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

Action Packed Riding at Whitewater

This next vid is short but very sweet.  I liked the fact that it focused on snowboarding because I tend to subconsciously lean towards skiing videos.  There’s some great powder, crazy hucks, and really interesting terrain.  It came in on my youtube channel subscription this morning and I watched it as I was waking up.  I found myself wishing there was more than just a minute’s worth (so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed).  As I dragged myself into the bathroom, I couldn’t help but wonder why I was going to ride my bike to work instead of riding some fluffy rocky mountain snow.

Austin Ross – Paragliding Mt. Currie

This video doesn’t have any big pow turns but the guy is wearing skis so in my books that still counts!  Austin prefaces the video with the following comment, ” Got up close and personal once again with one of my favourite mountains in the world, Mt. Currie. I spent my entire childhood playing on trails, in fields and by rivers while Currie loomed high overhead like a protector of our valley. Each time I’m on Currie, whether with skis, my paraglider or hiking boots, I feel a great connection with the mountain.  My most recent adventure was a heli drop with Luke, Alex and Dirt. We hopped in the chopper from Pemby airport and caught a lift to the col by the first summit (West Face). Alex and Luke brought speedwings and were able to fly with the terrain until about 4000 feet where the ditched and landed over the Green River at the golf course. Chris aka Dirt and I caught lift off launch and were suspended in the crisp, stable air for around 30 mins before touching back down in the valley.”  If you like this video you can find more on Austin’s Blog.  I think I’ll be checking back regularly.

Fail Compilations!

I was having a good laugh at a “Fail Compilation” that came up on youtube today.  It’s probably a guy thing to laugh at silly people messing themselves up real bad.  Anyway… I thought that there must be a few skiing or snowboarding fail videos out there.  Well there are dozens.  Some are hilarious and some not so great.  Unfortunately, the one I liked best I couldn’t find again. But I liked this one because there are so many videos out there with snowboarders doing crazy tricks and winning!  These are the stunts that didn’t quite go as planned.


Two Weeks To Ski The Koots

I’m sure the backcountry crowd have been trekking around the Koots for weeks now but for the rest of us mere mortals the lifts will start running at Whitewater on Dec 1.  I’ve been checking in periodically to see how the snow has been accumulating and the promo video they have posted caught my eye. This video has a Bill Heath feel to it although they don’t mention who they hired to make it for them. If you haven’t seen ‘Sinners’ by Bill Heath, it’s one of my favourite powder videos.

Lo Siento Chile, Fernie Has Powder Now

I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up on my Chilean powder skiing feature a bit sooner than I’d expected.  I don’t have to wait anymore to start providing local coverage, there is some great skiing in the mountains right now!  Check out this vid by Dylan Siggers from Oct 23rd at Fernie.  If you remember, last season made a big splash with an incredible video from Fernie (see post “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About”).  This latest video shows Dylan and his friends having a little preseason fun in some pretty impressive pow pow.  Can you believe this was shot 2 weeks ago in October?


More Chilean Pow Pow

This video is slicker than the last one I posted and I chose it because it invoked intense jealousy in me. How did these doods score such a cool gig? I mean, they’re not even hot skiers.  Sure they can do a few tricks but their style doesn’t look that good to me.  (See… jealous!!)  Sorry, I’m sure they’re very nice people but I wondering if they realize how charmed their life is at the moment.  Yeah, probably.

Chilean Powder Monkeys (from Canmore)

Welcome to Season 2012/13!

Since there is a certain Latin American mystique swirling around in the form of Mayan prophecies right now, I think it would be appropriate to start our season with a focus on South America. Soon enough new videos will start rolling in from the Rockies but for the next few weeks let’s enjoy some footage from our amigos to the south. I chose this video not because it contain amazing powder but because it made me laugh.  Sorry girls, it’s typical guy humour – but good, funny guy humour. I also like it because one of the doods is from Canmore and I have friends in Canmore. It kinda warms me heart.



This video is pretty fun and it made me laugh a few times.  Since the season is nearly over I think is probably a good time to look back and poke fun at some of the far too serious powder videos out there.  If you’ve been following powderwatch this year, you’ve probably noticed that if I can find a “real” video that doesn’t require a massive budget and ego stoked talent then I’m going to go with that style.  I do appreciate the professional stuff too but it needs to have some artistic quality.  Anyway, this vid is poking fun at “Art of Flight” and for that reason I really like it.  I hope you think it’s fun too.  By the way, I will be looking for some cool video south of the equator during our off season so check back once in a while and see what’s new!

Science of Airborning – Art of Flight spoof from Voleurz on Vimeo.

It's Snow Time!