Update 11PM, Apr 4:  Looks like we’ve got a genuine powder day tomorrow.  From the web cam shots at 11pm it looks like Sunshine has about 30cms and Louise has powder too.  See you out there!

Screenshot 2015-04-04 23.10.41

Screenshot 2015-04-04 23.11.49

Original Post, 12:30am (noon), Apr 4:

Happy Easter everyone!  The forecast has held since early in the week and they’re still calling for snow overnight.  That’s awesome!  So many times this year the snow forecast has looked good then dwindled as the weekend approached.  But not this time! (Hopefully :-)) We may get 10 to 20cms overnight and that would make skiing way more fun than an Easter Egg hunt.

The web cams show that it hasn’t started snowing yet but It’s supposed to start snowing this afternoon.  As you can see the base at Louise is not very busy at all today.  However, if the snow arrives as planned there will be many more out tomorrow – even if it is Easter Sunday.Screenshot 2015-04-04 12.24.43

Sunshine is also looking quite socked in but the visibility is surprisingly good looking into Delerium Dive.  I’m going to check back in a few hours and update this post if it starts dumping.  Keep your fingers crossed!!Screenshot 2015-04-04 12.23.44

This is the snow stake at Sunshine.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.Screenshot 2015-04-04 12.22.54

Now, if you’re wondering where I found the post header image, it’s actually from Lake Louise on April 1st.  I hope that isn’t an April Fool’s joke because the powder looks pretty sweet.  I’m guessing someone had to do a bit of hiking to find it but it does show that there was still winter snow on the mountain this week.  The Louise snow report states that they’ve had 17cms in the last week.  I think most of that was last Saturday but they may have received a dusting throughout the week.  I’d like to see at least 10cms overnight to get me out of bed and on the highway tomorrow.

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