El Nino has been delivering freakishly warm weather in Calgary for over 2 weeks now and until today the ground was turning brown and mushy.  But a skiff of snow has returned that winter wonderland feeling – just a little.  The snow that fell today was a remnant of some pretty decent accumulation in the Rockies.  Lake Louise is reporting 45cms for the last 7 days with 14cms coming down on Wednesday.  The photos from Lake Louise show nice snow, not super deep, but really nice and fluffy looking.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 23.00.01

See what I mean?  I’d also like to comment that she’s laying down a nice turn there – must be a ski instructor.

I heard one report at work from somebody who skied Sunshine last Sunday.  He said it was really good and that he loved the TeePee Town chair.  He also mentioned that the Divide was icy at the top.  I was surprised because that’s often where you’ll find good dry snow.  But it sounded like the rest of the mountain was awesome.  Of course, if you want the best source of information on Sunshine Village snow conditions you know where to go. (hint: Ryder Report)  With 48cms in 7days and 13cms on Wednesday conditions will be much improved this weekend. By the following shots on their web site I’d saying conditions were, ‘real nice, Clark’.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 23.20.39

Screenshot 2015-12-10 23.22.40

If you’re up for a bit longer drive this weekend then I’d say Kicking Horse would be worth the extra time in your vehicle.  With 82cms for the week and 16cms in 24hrs.  Friday is their official opening day so all that new snow won’t be too badly tracked up by all the staff, ski patrol and local backcountry enthusiasts.  This shot was posted on Instagram touting that 60cms of untracked powder awaits at the Horse.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 23.28.39

I guess I really can’t forget about Fernie where 88cms fell in the last 7 days and 18cms in 24hrs.  It just keeps getting better!!!  Revelstoke is also worth mentioning with 27cms in the last 3 days and 65cms for the week.  (Photo Credit: the post feature image is from Revelstoke last week on December 4 when they had 34cms in 24hrs)  These are great snowfall numbers this week and I guarantee riding will be excellent all weekend wherever you go!  I should also mention that the cross country skiing conditions in the rockies right now are the best they’ve been in 2015.  We’re definitely off to a great start this year and after all the snow this week conditions will be even better.  I’m beginning to wonder why I’m going to work tomorrow…

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