Look out Whistler you’re about to be overrun with powder mad hoards, salivating and jostling for position as they relentlessly pursue the holy grail of untracked snow.  The fun begins this evening when a forecast 26cms begins to fall.  Heavy precip is forecast throughout the weekend.  I can’t wait to see the powder shots posted on Whistler’s website!  Although it would be even better to be there to enjoy the heavy storm snow.  The webcam shows that the snow hasn’t started falling at Whistler yet but the mountains look very socked in at the moment.  It’s coming…

Screenshot 2016-01-27 13.15.26

In the Koots they’re expecting similarly awesome snowfall on Thursday through Sunday.  The forecast is for 10 to 15cms per day but in the Koots never underestimate the potential for big snowfall.  Heading east, Revelstoke looks to have some big pow queued up but then the numbers start to tail off.  Kicking Horse, Louise, Sunshine, Fernie, Castle, and Whitefish are all under 10cms per day throughout the weekend.  But the exiting fact is that snow is forecast on every day.  That means that the odds are pretty good that the skies release the fury at some point this weekend.  I’ll provide some updates as the storm progresses over the next few days.

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